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Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Blockchains


It’s been a long time since the last post. We’ve since released more versions of Eufloria, I picked up a Digital Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and I’m currently working part-time on Eufloria RPG with Rudolf Kremers and Anthony Flack.

For the most part, however, my time is spent working in the world of distributed ledgers. One of our fans started me off on bitcoin over 3 years ago, and since then it’s become much more than a hobby or a job. Indeed, I believe technology such as Ethereum to be world changing. I’m working with a number of start-ups, including some from the games world.

If you want to know more, I regularly tweet from @alex_amsel.

In the mean time, you can follow Eufloria RPG’s progress on Pivotal.

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Tuna Technologies becomes Triple Award Winner for Eufloria HD at Big Chip Awards 2013

The strangest thing happened last Thursday. Eufloria HD had been nominated for both Gaming and Design in the Big Chip Awards. These UK are awards primarily aimed at digital agencies. Somehow, we came from completely left field to win not only both these categories but also the grand prize, beating off the BBC’s iPlayer Radio app in the process. We’re still a bit dumbstruck! Anyway, pic and press release follows.

Big Chip 2013 Grand Prix Award

Tuna Technologies beat off all-comers to win 3 awards at the prestigious Big Chips awards ceremony, including the best of the night Grand Prix Award, Best Use of Design and Best Use of Gaming.

BAFTA nominated Eufloria, an ambient real-time strategy game, picked up plaudits from the judges for the beauty of its visuals, the simplicity and depth of its game play and the praise heaped on it by gamers. Described as a very accomplished piece of design, it united the judges to declare it Big Chip Grand Prix winner 2013.

“To come here and successfully take on such renowned and successful digital agencies is a wonderful achievement. Eufloria’s success continues to surprise and amaze us, and shows the power of our commitment to originality and quality” said Alex Amsel, Managing Director of Tuna.

The Big Chips are far and away the biggest digital awards outside London and the longest running in the UK. They are run by and for the industry, not for profit – by trade association, Manchester Digital working with partners including Digital Union in the North East, Leeds Digital Festival, Creative Liverpool, Creative Sheffield, Liverpool Vision and the Manchester Digital Development Agency.

Official website:

Eufloria HD is part of a continuing collaboration with Rudolf Kremers (Omni Systems) and Alex May, and was Apple’s Best iPad Game of 2012 Runner-Up. It’s available on the Apple App store and Google Play store for £2.99/$4.99/€3.99.

Official website:
Press Pack:

About Tuna
Tuna is an international award-nominated boutique indie game production company who specialise in developing projects for mobile, traditional gaming and on-line platforms. With many years experience in the field, Tuna have worked with a range of partners including marketing and advertising agencies, independent game developers, universities, and solo artists. Services include digital consultancy, concept development, production management, software development and establishing software development partnerships. Brands Tuna has worked with include Family Guy, Big Brother, Cadbury, Asteroids, Boulder Dash, and indie hits Alien Hominid and Eufloria on platforms as wide ranging as iPhone, iPad, Android, Facebook, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PS3.

Official Website:
Twitter: Alex_Amsel

About Omni Systems Ltd
Eufloria is published by Omni Systems Limited, Rudolf Kremer’s indie media production company. Omni has been set up as a new kind of independent games (and other media) company, offering an alternative to corporate restraints and rewarding developers in a way that traditional game development often does not allow. Additionally Omni produces and develops other media including screenplays, comics, PS3 Dynamic Themes and more, while also offering consultancy services ranging from interactive software development to consultancy on creating virtual spaces. Current projects of note are two new games: StarLit and Neopolis, a series of Sci-Fi dynamic themes for PlayStation 3 and a comic called Spire.

Official Website:

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The Bitcoin Bundle

The Bitcoin Bundle: Top indie developers support Bitcoins

Pay What You Want in Bitcoins for hit indie games Eufloria HD, World of Goo, And Yet It Moves, and Spirits.

Thursday 16th May 2013: The Bitcoin Bundle launched today, allowing Bitcoin users to pay whatever they want for four multiple award nominated Indie Games and contribute to the EFF. Unlike other bundles, this is entirely based around Bitcoin, the much talked about on-line currency. Not only do users buy with Bitcoins, but the developers are paid in Bitcoins.

Support has come from 2D Boy (World of Goo), Omni Systems (Eufloria), Spaces of Play (Spirits), and Broken Rules (And Yet It Moves). The developers all wished to show support for the nascent currency, seeing it as a way for players and creators to become a step closer together.

The Bitcoin Bundle

Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate as a currency with no central authority. It can be used to pay anyone, anywhere in the world, almost instantly, anonymously, and without paying bank or other significant charges.

We created this bundle to be special – it’s exclusively handled in Bitcoin. We didn’t just want to have it as a payment option, we wanted to promote the currency itself”, said Alex Amsel, director of The Bitcoin Bundle.

 Marek Plichta, from contributor Spaces of Play, says more creative businesses should be paying attention to Bitcoin. “Digital distribution removed the need for publishers as the middleman between customers and game developers. Bitcoin might be able to do the same thing for all kinds of creative businesses and help them thrive.”

The Bitcoin Bundle is available for 2 weeks, from now, Thursday 16th May, until 30th May 2013. The games are DRM free, available for PC, Mac and Linux, and are on Steam where available. 10% of all proceeds will be gifted to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (

Bitcoins may be purchased from various companies, including (International; not UK), Coinbase (US), BitInstant (US), and BitBargain (UK). The Bitcoin Bundle uses industry leading technology from Coinbase to handle Bitcoin transactions.

For more information

Official website:

Press pack:

Twitter: bitcoinbundle


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Buy Eufloria with Bitcoins

It seems Bitcoin has been getting some more publicity recently. I’m a bit of a fan so I suggested to Rudolf that we accept Bitcoins. We’re considering how to go about this in some form if other people think it a good idea.

In the mean time, if anyone does want to have the Eufloria HD beta on PC, Mac, or Linux (as was in the Humble Bundle) then send us a message through the contact page, let us know when, how much and from where you have gifted, and we’ll get a build to you. At the moment we (well, I!) have to do this manually so please bare with me. I’m not online 24 hours a day 😉

How much are we charging? PAY WHAT YOU WANT!



Bitcoin payments will most likely go to funding us being able to accept them officially in some form so, as the saying goes, please give generously.

EDIT: This offer has now finished

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